ATV Service Tips on What to Look for in a Used ATV

Purchasing an ATV, also known as an all-purpose terrain vehicle, is much easier when a few ATV service tips are adhered to. One of the best ones to follow when purchasing an ATV is never to buy one without test driving it first. It is also advisable all the fluids within the engine, and the state of the chain, in addition to the sprockets, if they come with them, to be first checked before any transaction is completed.

Other things to consider when buying this type of vehicle is to check the tires for any signs of patches or plugs; make an inspection of all the wheels for any dents or damage to their rims, and check the cables for any signs of damage or cracking. The brake pads must be removed before a purchase is made, in order to inspect for damage done to the disk or drums, in addition to the brake calipers. Most good deals can be located when looking for a used ATV. These seemingly too good to be true deals can, however, end up costing you a lot of money when specific parts and components are not in good shape.

Even buying a new machine, must involve some type of investigation. In these cases, features like the right tension on the chain, if it comes with one, as well as the correct level of fluid, must always be checked before any money changes hands. Cable routing and how it is secured to prevent contact with hot or moving components must also be verified.

Another excellent tip to follow before purchasing an ATV is to ask about the recommended service and its warranty. Some manufacturers will only warranty an ATV, when the dealership has done a full service on it. Also, ask about the price of insurance making a purchase. Speak to multiple insurance firms in order to receive the best coverage when using the machine.

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