Things You May Not Know about Go Karts

The go karts racing has evolved quite a lot in the past 50 years and now it’s one of the most competitive forms of motor racing in the USA. This type of racing has been a “stepping stone” to a lot of drivers that wanted to work their way up the professional ladder in Formula 1, NASCAR and the Indy Racing League. Some drivers you may know that started their carrier with karting are Michael Schumacher, Danica Patrick, Tony Stewart and Sarah Fisher. Karting can be appealing to almost everyone from the age of 5 to the age age of 75. This sport has become really popular all over the world and it’s overall one of the best and exiting ways to have fun. And if you are interested in learning more fun facts about karting, you should keep on reading:

  • Nowadays, karting tops the motorsport popularity list.
  • One of the most successful racing drivers ever, Michael Schumacher once said: “I learned everything I know about racing from karting”
  • Go karts don’t have suspension, so their back axles are fixed with no differential.
  • Most karts have only rear wheel brakes and that’s why spins are so common in this sport.
  • The first ever kart was build by Art Ingels back in 1956 and was actually made from scrap parts with a two-stroke engine.
  • Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button started racing with karts at the age of 8.
  • Because the karts don’t have a differential, they are designed in a way that the inside rear wheel can lift off the road when cornering.

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