Professional ATV Sales Explanations

Ask any ATV sales representative, and they will tell you that even though an ATV and UTV do share several similarities, they are quite different vehicles, and their intended uses are also dissimilar. An ATV, or an all terrains vehicle, will be used as an off-road, single-rider vehicle, which is only for recreational or transport across rough terrain. A UTV however, or a utility task vehicle, is intended for rough terrain too; however, it is sometimes referred to as side by side, due to the fact 2 people are able to sit within the cab. Both vehicles can be used to pull items, however, a UTV comes with a truck bed which is specifically used for this purpose.

Both vehicles come with a combustion engine. Although some do have electric engines, these are only for light use, and both have significant suspension and large tires. They also have a low gravity center for more stability over rough terrain. The differences between the both become apparent just with one look at the position of the rider, a rider on an ATV straddles the seat, whilst the riders of a UTV will sit side by side on the seats.

The steering of both vehicles is different too. An ATV will steer with the help of handlebars, but UTV drivers steer with the help of a standard steering wheel, very similar to the one seen in a car or a truck. The set up of a UTV will allow more passengers to ride it, which comes in handy on the likes of construction sites. People and materials can be transported much easier, making a UTV much more popular for golf course maintenance personnel and any other means of travelling on uneven terrain.

Both vehicles are designed to be able to be used on the roads although UTVs are much more likely to come from a factory. In some areas, every ATV is illegal to drive on the roads, although UTVs can usually get away with it.

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